The lectures will take place in the FORUM G (Mon,Wed,Thu,Fri) or Forum F (Tue). The contributed talks are scheduled in FORUM D, F, G or H.

Online version of the booklet (you will receive a printed copy on monday)

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
9:00 Registration McKenna - L2 Plum - L2 Benci - L3 Cabré - L4
9:30 Benci - L1 McKenna - L2 Plum - L2 Benci - L3 Cabré - L4
10:00 Benci - L1 McKenna - L2 Plum - L2 Benci - L3 CB
10:30 CB CB CB CB Benci - L4
11:00 McKenna - L1 Plum - L1 Cabré - L1 Cabré - L3 Benci - L4
11:30 McKenna - L1 Plum - L1 Cabré - L1 Cabré - L3 McKenna - L4
12:00 PT - Serra PT - Secchi PT - Horak Cabré - L3 McKenna - L4
12:30 PT - Serra PT - Secchi PT - Horak Cabré - L3 Lunch
13:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Plum - L4
14:00 PT - Dupaigne Benci - L2 Cabré - L2 Plum - L3 Plum - L4
14:30 PT - Dupaigne Benci - L2 Cabré - L2 Plum - L3  
15:00 CB Benci - L2   Plum - L3  
15:30 CT session 1 CB   CB  
16:00 CT session 1 CT session 3   McKenna - L3  
16:30 CT session 2 CT session 3   McKenna - L3  
17:00 CT session 2 CT session 4   McKenna - L3  
17:30   CT session 4      


    Group A - Forum G Group B - Forum D
Monday 15:30 Autuori Pimenta
  16:00 Silva Vaira
  16:30 Otta Pomponio
  17:00 Colasuonno D'Avenia
    Group A - Forum F Group B - Forum H
Tuesday 16:00 Gladiali De Marchis
  16:30 Tarsi Hernandez
  17:00 Kosirova Martinez
  17:30 Moll Villegas


Lectures :

Vieri Benci - Variational methods in the study of solitary waves and hylomorphic solitons

Xavier Cabré - Phase transitions and front propagation for fractional diffusion equations

Michael Plum - Computer-assisted existence and multiplicity proofs for semilinear elliptic boundary value problems

P. Joe McKenna - Semilinear boundary value problems: Nonlinear analysis, approximation and computer assistance

Plenary talks :

Enrico Serra - On some supercritical Neumann problems

Louis Dupaigne - Exponentiation of a function and its Laplacian

Simone Secchi - Recent results for the Schrödinger-Newton (or maybe Choquard) equation

Jiří Horák - The deformation lemma and boundedness of Palais-Smale sequences

Contributed talks by the participants :

Giuseppina Autuori - Kirchhoff systems with static and dynamic boundary damped conditions

Analia Silva - The concentration-compactness principle for variable exponent spaces and applications

Jesus Hernandez - On very weak positive solutions to some singular semilinear elliptic problems

Josef Otta - Saddle-point-type solutions of the bi-stable equation

Pedro J. Martínez-Aparicio - Elliptic problems with singular natural growth lower order terms

Salvador Villegas - On a conjecture of Brezis and Vázquez about the extremal solution

Francesca De Marchis - Generic multiplicity for a scalar field equation

Marcos T.O. Pimenta - On the concentration of solutions of singularly perturbed biharmonic equation

Ivana Kosírová- Very weak solutions to elliptic systems with nonlinear boundary conditions

Pietro D'Avenia - Infinitely many positive solutions for a Schrödinger-Poisson system

Giusi Vaira - Positive solutions for some non autonomous Schrödinger-Poisson Systems

Alessio Pomponio- On the Schrödinger-Maxwell equations in presence of a general nonlinear term

Cristina Tarsi - Second order Moser type inequalities: a borderline case

Francesca Gladiali - A global bifurcation result for a semilinear elliptic equation

Francesca Colasuonno - Global Nonexistence and Blow up for Nonlinear Polyharmonic Kirchhoff Systems

Salvador Moll -Rotationally symmetric 1-harmonic flows from D^2 to S^2